Amended Assembly Bill 162 To Be Heard May 1

Assembly Bill 162, as amended on 4/23 (see my post here about those awful amendments)  has been re-referred to the Assembly’s Local Government Committee.  It will be heard on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.

flashingwipepinIt is vital that your views on AB 162 be communicated to your electeds before the hearing.

For local governments, formal opposition letters addressed to the Committee and your electeds are a customary and proper route.  I recommend you publish those letters on your local government web site home page to alert your residents to this Bill and your position on the it.

For the public, communicating your views to your state electeds is critical.  If you don’t know who your state representatives are, visit and enter your home address at THIS SITE.

Here is a list of the Assembly’s members of the Local Government Committee, and their State Capitol contact information:

Committee Members District Office & Contact Information
Katcho Achadjian (Chair) Rep – 35 Contact Assembly Member Katcho Achadjian

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Room 4098, Sacramento, CA 94249-0035;  (916) 319-2035

Marc Levine (Vice Chair) Dem – 10 Contact Assembly Member Marc Levine

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Room 2137, Sacramento, CA 94249-0010;  (916) 319-2010

Luis A. Alejo Dem – 30 Contact Assembly Member Luis A. Alejo

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Room 2117, Sacramento, CA 94249-0030;  (916) 319-2030

Steven Bradford Dem – 62 Contact Assembly Member Steven Bradford

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Room 5136, Sacramento, CA 94249-0062;  (916) 319-2062

Richard S. Gordon Dem – 24 Contact Assembly Member Richard S. Gordon

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Room 4126, Sacramento, CA 94249-0024;  (916) 319-2024

Melissa A. Melendez Rep – 67 Contact Assembly Member Melissa A. Melendez

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Room 4009, Sacramento, CA 94249-0067;  (916) 319-2067

Kevin Mullin Dem – 22 Contact Assembly Member Kevin Mullin

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Room 3126, Sacramento, CA 94249-0022;  (916) 319-2022

Marie Waldron Rep – 75 Contact Assembly Member Marie Waldron

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Room 5128, Sacramento, CA 94249-0075;  (916) 319-2075

Now is the time to make your voice heard.   Oppose AB 162, the Wireless Industry Public Exclusion Act.


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