CBS and Time Warner Still Fighting in the Sandbox

Their (corporate) parents must be so very proud of them!
Their (corporate) parents must be so very proud of them!

Well, we’re about 1 1/2 weeks into the sandbox fight between the two bullies, Time Warner Cable and CBS.  They continue their stupid fight, throwing sand on each other, but also throwing sand on  everyone else chained to their sandbox.

CBdisengeniouS continues to black out its web content only to those unlucky enough to come in through a TWC IP address, regardless of whether the viewer subscribers to TW cable of some other video source.

TWC continues to disingenuously post billboard messages on selected CBS channels telling customers they are fighting to hold the cost of cable TV when we all know the history of cable TV rate increases consistently topping inflation, and then some.   TWC’s next excessive rate increase will be a very interesting event.

No, Time Warner, Starz Family is not s substitute for CBS programming.

The FCC, who SHOULD be teaching both of the bullies a lesson upside their heads, has sternly asked them to quit fighting, suggesting that it might step in to break up the fight.

Class action lawsuits will flow into TWC as soon as the bullies stop their fight to relieve TWC of the money it continues to collect for services it continues not to provide.How destructive for all concerned.

How very stupid for the pugilists.



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