Time Warner Cable’s Free Antenna Offer Only Lacks Antennas

Their (corporate) parents must be so very proud of them!
Their (corporate) parents must be so very proud of them!

As you may have heard, Time Warner Cable today started offering free over-the-air antennas to its victims of the Great CBS Blackout.

Just pop by one of their offices lickety-split and you can pick one up of those shiny new antennas was the gist of the announcement and ads.

That got me thinking!

I’m a Time Warner Cable victim of the great CBS blackout, so said to myself, “Self, why don’t you get in your car and drive on down to the Time Warner Cable office in Santa Monica and pick-up one of those dandy new free antenna!”  Then I said to myself, “Great idea, Self!”  Then we both got in the car and headed to Time Warner Cable’s office just a few miles away.

After waiting in the line at Time Warner Cables office, I found out (initially by overhearing a lovely mature woman expressing her, ah, great discontent) that Time Warner’s Santa Monica office ran through the three boxes of antennas by midday today.  Moreover, nobody had any idea when more antennas might arrive.

The customer service representative,  safety ensconced behind a plexiglass  security wall, suggested that we should come back on Monday and maybe they’d have more antennas…or maybe not.

Way to go, Time Warner Cable!  Way to gooooooooooo………

By the way, welcome to ‘Week Three’ of the Great CBS Blackout.  The third week started about 2 hours ago here in L.A.

I’m going home to back a cake to celebrate this milestone of corporate concern for its customers and viewers.



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