The Time Warner Cable – CBS Fight is Over

Their (corporate) parents must be so very proud of them!
Their (corporate) parents must be so very proud of them!

According to reports published in various newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, Time Warner Cable and CBS have ended their fight over retransmission rights.  Hopefully that means that (a) Time Warner Cable subscribers will see all of the CBS channels restored very quickly, and (b) that CBdisengeniouS will restore access to its online content from Time Warner Cable IP addresses.

This doesn’t end the other fight…the lawsuits from subscribers who claim that they (we) are owed for the unannounced decimation of all of the CBS channels during this battle  (except, oddly, one CBS sports channel here in L.A. that TWC seems to have missed).

Now that the battle is over, we’ll see how those were the collateral damage will fair.   They are called Time Warner Cable subscribers.

Also, we’ll have to wait to see if Congress steps in to amend the Telecom Act to give the FCC stronger teeth to resolve these disputes.



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