Jonathan Kramer Accepted Into Northeastern University Doctor of Law and Policy Program

northeasternuniversitylogoI am very pleased to announce that I received word today that I have been officially accepted into the Northeastern University School of Professional Studies Doctor of Law and Policy program.   I will commence my cohort studies in July, 2014.  I’ll be traveling to Boston every month for two years to complete in-class coursework, which will be supplemented by studying between the in-class sessions.

Having completed my Masters of Law degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law at Strathclyde University just last year, this next step will be my final and terminal academic degree.

I want to thank three people in particular for supporting me in my next life endeavor: Fred Polner, Associate Master of Trumbull College at Yale University; Ken Fellman of Kissinger & Fellman in Denver; and Dr. Konstantinos Komaitis of the Internet Society and Strathclyde University, all of whom were kind enough to write strong letters of recommendation on my behalf.


3 comments to Jonathan Kramer Accepted Into Northeastern University Doctor of Law and Policy Program

  • Wayne Hall

    Congratulations Jonathan! Very well done! I hope your course work and dissertation development proceed smoothly. I look forward to hearing of your successful completion and perhaps getting the opportunity to reading your published dissertation.

  • Fantastic! May your doctoral program go well and be successful. Are you continuing your law practice during your doctoral studies?

  • Stuart and Wayne:

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    Stuart, of course I’ll continue working during my studies. I did it through law school, my Master’s degree program, the New Mexico Bar prep, who why change now? 🙂 The Doctoral program is geared to senior level policy makers, so it’s surprisingly flexible. The question is, am I?


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