Anatomy of a Mobilitie Site for Sprint – Part 2

DSC00282.smallerHere’s another Mobilitie site in Los Angeles marked up by component. This photo also clearly shows the GPS antenna connected to the RRU. As with the prior posted photo, the design of this site leaves lots to be desired, especially given how long it is likely to remain in the right of way (unless, of course, Sprint goes BK and its frequency blocks are sold off).

Thanks to Stephen Wiklus CTO at Spectrum Financial Partners, for suggesting some useful improvements to the text.


One thought on “Anatomy of a Mobilitie Site for Sprint – Part 2

  1. John Davey says:

    Looks like Ricochet redux. Metricom went through 1.5 billion dollars or so 15+ years ago. What Mobilitie plans would be many times that investment given the passage of time and given the extent of this build-out.

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