Mobilitie’s Latest Awful Design in Los Angeles

Just when I thought Mobilitie had secured the position of worst in design, they proved me wrong.  Mobilitie has outdone themselves with a new low in aesthetic design, here in Los Angeles on Vermont Avenue at Wilshire Boulevard.   I’ve posted about 50 photos of this site in the Mobilitie Gallery at




6 thoughts on “Mobilitie’s Latest Awful Design in Los Angeles

  1. Michael Hunt says:

    You sure do have a hard on for all things mobilitie. If the city approved it what’s it to you?

  2. Jonathan Kramer says:


    Mobilitie started by going to cities and making misrepresentations about who they were and what they did. Getting called on it in the press prompted the company to promise to be more transparent as to who they are, what they are doing, and how. They have built sites without permits (and had unpermitted sites removed), and they have built sites with permits that are simply awful.

    If a city’s staff, like in Los Angeles via the Bureau of Street Lighting approves an awful design, it is the residents tho bear the burden of the awful design, not the staff.

    We work for local governments around the country, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m just adding a few more to clarify the problem that Mobilitie is creating by its awful designs, and the damage they are doing to companies that want to do small cells properly.



  3. Lawrence Behr says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    This is unbelievably crappy! How much imagination does it take to at least do a neat install. Even better, design a decent eye-friendly integrated small cell system like Facebook’s new “Open Cellular”. You would almost want that on your light pole!

  4. Jonathan Kramer says:

    Lawrence, as one of the most respected RF engineers in this country today, I’m glad to see you weigh in on this important national debate.

    All of us who are RF engineers have a natural desire to use our imaginations to produce the best and most elegant solutions to transmissions challenges. I have no doubt that the RF engineers at Mobilitie have the same basic desires, but I have to believe that they have been subject to constraints from on-high that prevent them from achieving that natural desire.

    Jonathan (your respectful pupil) Kramer

  5. o says:

    In my personal opinion, the City should have required the Davit style pole to be replaced with a standard tapered pole and some of the equipment to be placed under the sidewalk. The cabling is poorly installed as well.

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