New “833” Toll Free Numbers Start 4/22/17

The latest toll free number prefix, 833 goes live on April 22, 2017.  833 numbers will work just like 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 toll free numbers.

We use several toll free numbers to distinguish us from other telecom firms.  One of our primary toll free numbers is “855-CellSite.”  We also use other toll free numbers to help us identify the campaigns and sources to help enhance and measure our marketing efforts.

Most people want to start using toll free numbers end up simply calling their local phone company to establish the service.  This is almost always a huge and costly mistake. There are many, many phone companies that can register, switch and service toll free numbers since the call ends up ringing on one of your existing phone lines.

Unfortunately, there are (in my experience) very few toll free number companies that are honest and deserve my business. This is an area of telephony fraught with way-too-many bad actors and porn providers (really) who try to grab and hold hostage your toll free number.

For many years we’ve used to secure toll free numbers for our firm and our clients.  Run by Bill Quimby and supported by his assistants, Rita and Hope, TFN has consistently been the most honest and reliable registrar for toll free numbers I’ve ever used.  They’re also about the easiest to use, too. Highly recommended.

Before you decide to make a major investment in your marketing by adding a TNF, read about good and bad practices at (or give me a call…ahem…toll free on 855-CellSite.)




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