California SB 649: The Big Lie About Small Cells

The wireless industry’s push to bamboozle California Senate lawmakers through the ill conceived, horribly-written, and loophole ridden SB 649 requires they constantly repeat a critical big lie: That they are only dealing with “small cells” … small … can’t be large because they’re calling them ‘small.’

It’s perfect and perfectly misleading framing. Call something by a label enough time and it must be the truth.

So, what’s an inconvenient truth for the wireless industry?  That 22 cubic feet, or 28 cubic feet, or 32 cubic feet are examples of the volume of space occupied by a small cell…remember it’s small because they say so.

Let’s take their mid-size small cell, promoted to be 28 cubic feet.  What, exactly is 28 cubic feet?  We’ll to show you, rather than to lie to you, I built up a PVC frame that’s 7 feet tall and 2 feet for width and depth.  This is a size similar to commercial wireless equipment cabinets to be mounted on concrete bases.

If you’ve ever met me, you know I’m not a particularly small human, so the photo below of me standing entirely with a 28 cubic foot frame illustrates the industry’s big lie about small cells.

Dr. Jonathan Kramer standing inside a homemade 28 cubic foot “small cell.”  Yup, it must be small because what’s what the industry keeps claiming!  You are free to copy and use this photo in your presentations against SB 649.
Telecom Law Firm associate attorney and normal-sized human being, Rebekah Rounds better illustrates just how large a “small cell” is in reality. Normal reality…not the wireless industry’s altered view of reality.

If you’d like to build your own 28 cubic foot frame and take it to a meeting at City Hall, the County Board of Supervisors, or a meeting with your State Senator or Assembly Member, just follow the basic steps below.

The 1′ 10″ pieces, along with the side elbow outlet connectors, form the top and bottom of the frame. The 6′ 10 1/4″ pieces form the vertical members of the frame. For easy transport, glue the top and bottom frames, but don’t glue the vertical members.  This way you can put this frame together in from of a City Council in less than 30 seconds.  Very visual!

Gosh, this is great fun for kids of any age!  Unless, of course, you’re a wireless industry kid, in which case this will be far less than fun for you.

If you haven’t used PVC glue before, you should get help from an experienced adult who know he basics about ventilation and safety.  Don’t try using PVC glue if you’re not experienced or don’t have access to experienced help.

The industry word lies cannot withstand the light cast upon them by real facts…and real PVC frames!


PS: No alternative facts were used, much less harmed, in this posting.


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