Two Appearances of the 28 Cubic Foot Small Cell

Appearance 1:  Last night Rebekah Rounds and I attended the Planning Commission hearing in the City of Thousand Oaks.  During the public comment portion of the meeting I described SB 649 to the Commissioners.  With Rebekah’s help, we demonstrated the Big Lie about Small Cells.

Here is a screen capture from the hearing:

Dr. Jonathan Kramer and Rebekah Rounds illustrate the Wireless Industry’s Big Lie: That a “Small Cell” is small. It’s not.

Here’s a link to watch the video:

Select the Planning Commission hearing for April 24, 2017, and then watch the video from 7 minutes 20 seconds in to 15 minutes, 16 seconds.

Appearance 2: Today, all of the California-based members of Telecom Law Firm presented a 2-hour wireless law, regulation, and technology lecture to over two dozen key planning and legal professionals at the City of Los Angeles.  During the lecture, we deep-dived into the wireless industry’s assault on California governments and their constituents through SB 649.  Once again, the Frame came out:

Dr. Jonathan Kramer (pictured) along with Tripp May lecturing on wireless regulation and technology to over two-dozen staff at the City of Los Angeles staff.

It turns out that when you see what the industry thinks is small, the claim falls apart in mere seconds.

The Big Lie can’t withstand the light of day, which is why the industry talks about pizza boxes as being the size of small cells. If that’s true, then states should define small cells as occupying 1.25 cubic feet, and no more.


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