TLF Releases new Small Wireless Facilities Supplemental Application

Big news: TLF has released v. 1.03 of our new Small Wireless Facilities (“SWF”) Supplemental Application form.  This form is available for free to any local government that would like to get a handle on how to better process the deluge of SWF applications hitting right now, and for effectively comply with the (crazy) new FCC rules that went into effect on 1/14/19.

Bigger News: In conjunction with the release of the new SWF SUP-APP, I’ve prepared a short video to walk local governments through how to adapt then use the new form.

I know that other consultants will steal borrow the form for their own clients and pass it off as their own work.  That’s okay since (a) it’s going to happen anyway, and (b) the point is to help local governments who will be hammered by SWF applicants.

To visit the Information and Download page, CLICK HERE.

Enjoy, and please email me copies of the form as you modify it.  I’ll take any good ideas and incorporate them into newer versions of the form.



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