Interesting Cell Siting RF Discussion in Thousand Oaks, California

A very thoughtful exploration of cell site RF emissions safety concerns and the interplay with federal laws and regulations.

Last night, the City of Thousand Oaks, California Planning Commission heard and acted on a citizen’s  appeal of a camouflaged Verizon macrocell cell site that was previously approved by the City’s Hearing Officer.  The Appellant opposing the approval was Prof. Trevor G. Marshall.  Applicant Verizon Wireless was represented by Kevin P. Sullivan, Esq.

The design of the proposed camouflaged cell site is as shown below (from Verizon’s design plans).

(Click on the image to enlarge it; photo simulations of the project may be viewed in the meeting video, linked below.)

Nearly 100% of the public testimony focused on RF emission issues and concerns.  The Commission, public, and staff discussions are informative.  They span health concerns, administrative process, duty of loyalty, and the federal government/local government relationship regarding RF emissions.

After nearly 3 hours of staff presentations, quite thoughtful public testimony, and post-public hearing discussions, the City’s Planning Commissioners voted to uphold the Hearing Officer’s approval of the cell site project on a 4-0 vote (one absence).

To watch the hearing, visit Planning Commission 11-18-19 Meeting and click below the screen on Item 7A.
To view the staff report, with links to all of the exhibits, look at this PDF: Item 7A Staff Report.



By Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer

I'm a broadband and radio frequency engineer who, after spending years as a technology advisor to hundreds of governments and firms around the country, went to law school and became an attorney. Not surprisingly, my area of law is telecommunications.

I have a Juris Doctor degree, a Masters of Law degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law, and a Doctorate in Law and Policy.

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