Dr. Jonathan Kramer to present at the AGL Summit on April 8, 2021

TLF’s Founder and Senior Partner, Dr. Jonathan Kramer will be speaking at the AGL Summit to be held online on April 8, 2021.  He is slated to be a panelist on the “Microtrends for Small Cells in 2021” panel.  Jonathan will provide a municipal view of small cell siting.  Registration is free.

For details and registration information please click here on on the image below.


By Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer

I'm a broadband and radio frequency engineer who, after spending years as a technology advisor to hundreds of governments and firms around the country, went to law school and became an attorney. Not surprisingly, my area of law is telecommunications.

I have a Juris Doctor degree, a Masters of Law degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law, and a Doctorate in Law and Policy.

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