Sophie Geguchadze is TLF’s newest Senior Associate

Sophie Geguchadze is now a Senior Associate at Telecom Law Firm, P.C. and I’m very happy about that.

I first met Sophie when she attended a wireless industry meeting in Washington State in very early 2000.  COVID had just taken an early foothold in the Pacific Northwest but little did we know how that would impact us.  After my presentation to the wireless industry on behalf of our government clients, Sophie approached me to dig deeper into my decidedly non-industry views.  We corresponded over a period of eight months, when Tripp May and I offered her a position at the firm.

Why the offer?

Sophie impressed us as a practical and pragmatic attorney and negotiator who, unlike most wireless industry lawyers, DOES have a technology base to understand both the law and the technology that drives law issues.  She made it clear that she was interested in solving problems rather than ‘lawyering up’ a case or matter.  That’s just what we look for in an new associate.

Tripp and I hired Sophie to start in November, 2020 and she provided to be everything we hoped for, and more.  Our clients reward our decision by sending us very kind and thoughtful emails about Sophie’s work on their behalf.  No surprise there given her natural skips and acquired expertise.

In the past few years, Sophie has worked on wireless leasing, cable franchising, fiber optics agreements, and much more.

We’re glad to have Sophie on our bench.



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