Bye-bye Sprint Nextel…Hello SoftSprint!

Yes, this is a parody logo. You wondered?

Sprint Nextel is now a part of SoftBank.

Sprint reports that about 98% of its shareholders voted for the deal. The FCC approval seems like it will be pro forma.

Now, with the SoftSprint and SprintClear deals done, I suspect Dan Hesse is considering when and how he’ll exit SoftSprint, if he hasn’t already already worked out the details of that deal with Masayoshi Son.

Actually, I’d bet Dan’s exit plan is already set down on paper, and it says something like, ‘Dan, thanks for the hard work.  We’ll have you stay on as a special consultant to SoftSprint for the next three years…yeah, we’ll call it a consulting gig.  You’ll start about two weeks after the FCC approves the deal.  Something like $5M a year, plus a really nice parting gift.’

At least Dan will be able to keep his SAG-AFTRA membership.  Maybe part of the consulting gig will be that Dan keeps on making commercials for his new boss.

Here’s Sprint’s press release from this morning:

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), June 25, 2013 – Sprint Nextel Corporation (“Sprint”) (NYSE: S) shareholders voted today to approve and adopt the previously announced merger agreement providing for a substantial investment by SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) (TSE: 9984). Sprint shareholders overwhelmingly approved the deal, with approximately 98 percent of the votes cast at today’s special shareholders meeting voting in favor of the merger agreement, representing approximately 80 percent of Sprint’s outstanding common stock as of April 18, 2013, the record date for the special meeting.

“Today is a historic day for our company, and I want to thank our shareholders for approving this transformative merger agreement,” said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. “The transaction with SoftBank should enhance Sprint’s long-term value and competitive position by creating a company with greater financial flexibility.”

Consummation of the Sprint-SoftBank transaction remains subject to the receipt of the Federal Communications Commission approval. Sprint and SoftBank anticipate the merger will be consummated in early July 2013.

As previously announced, Sprint stockholders will have the option to elect to receive cash in the amount of $7.65 or one of New Sprint common stock for each share of Sprint common stock owned by them (subject to the previously disclosed proration provisions in the merger agreement). The total cash consideration available to Sprint stockholders is $16.64 billion. Pro forma for the transaction, the current Sprint stockholders’ resulting equity ownership in a stronger, more competitive New Sprint will be 22 percent while SoftBank will own approximately 78 percent. Sprint and SoftBank have previously mailed to Sprint shareholders forms of election and related instructions and established 5:00 p.m., New York time, on July 5, 2013 as the election deadline, subject to extension.


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