If the Tower Doesn’t Grow, Can Municipalities Say No?

John Pestle of Varnum and I have been invited to speak on this month’s T-Mobile’s National External Affairs Headliner Speaker Series. This is a monthly conference call/webinar with hundreds of internal and external T-Mobile executives, managers, line-level staff, and outside contractors.

The title of our lecture, thought up by T-Mobile, is “If the Tower Doesn’t . . . → Read More: If the Tower Doesn’t Grow, Can Municipalities Say No?

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Might Apple buy Sprint?

Okay, it sounds wild, but let’s look at this for a bit…

Sprint has committed $15B to Apple in connection with securing rights to market the iPhone to Sprint’s subscribers (let’s not talk about the newest Apple product, the iHeatingPad). That’s a lot of cash, and I’ll bet that Apple’s contract leave virtually no room . . . → Read More: Might Apple buy Sprint?


As LightSquared Fades, What of Sprint?

As you likely know, the NTIA’s Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, Lawrence E. Strickling gave LightSquared a big, fat, wet Valentine’s day kiss when he wrote to FCC Chairman Genachowski saying, “…we conclude that LightSquared’s proposed mobile broadband network will impact GPS services and that there is no practical way to mitigate the potential . . . → Read More: As LightSquared Fades, What of Sprint?

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Buddy, can you spare $9B?

Please feed the T-Mobile Kitty. (Photo illustration by Jonathan Kramer)

So T-Mobile, recently left at the alter by AT&T, is now looking for $9B to build out a LTE network that can compete with AT&T.

T-Mobile has a great start towards its goal when you consider that AT&T gave it $4B as a . . . → Read More: Buddy, can you spare $9B?

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The Spectrum Dilemma: What’s a Carrier to do?

AT&T’s intended takeover of T-Mobile was supposed to give AT&T access and control of badly needed spectrum. The demands on spectrum are growing faster than Apple can sell iPhones. Unfortunately, while AT&T was busy trying to consume the 4th largest wireless provider in the United States and fighting with the Department of Justice, Verizon was . . . → Read More: The Spectrum Dilemma: What’s a Carrier to do?

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AT&T-T (AT&T Pulls the Wireless Plug on T-Mobile Deal)

AT&T announced today that it has given up on merging with T-Mobile, and will pay T-Mobile the tidy sum of $4,000,000,000 (yeah, that’s $4B) as a parting gift.

Look for T-Mobile to either buy some second tier carriers, to perhaps do a deal with Sprint (see that posting here).

. . . → Read More: AT&T-T (AT&T Pulls the Wireless Plug on T-Mobile Deal)


Is Clearwire Heading to Bankruptcy?

Five days ago I wrote about Sprint effectively casting off Clearwire to sink or swim on its own. Perhaps I could have said, “sink or sink.”

Yesterday, October 11th, David Sterman (writing at strongly suggested in a well-reasoned piece that Clearwire could go bankrupt by next year.

Mr. Sterman’s arguments about a possible (if . . . → Read More: Is Clearwire Heading to Bankruptcy?

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I have to wonder whether the following might happen:

1. The Department of Justice is successful in its suit to block the proposed AT&T&T merger or AT&T gives up, pays T-Mobile the $6B cancellation fee; and then

(….hear in your mind’s ear the ethereal sounds of harps and chimes….)

2. King Deutsche Telekom–disappointed at the . . . → Read More: SprinT-Mobile?

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Actual Complaint: U.S. v. AT&T/T-Mobile

Attached to this post is the antitrust complaint filed today by the U.S. Department of Justice against AT&T Inc., T-Mobile USA, Inc., and Deutsche Telekom AG (T-Mobile’s parent).

Case No. 1:11-cv-01560, assigned to Hon. Ellen S. Huvelle

25 pages.



. . . → Read More: Actual Complaint: U.S. v. AT&T/T-Mobile

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It’s the Money, Stupid!

In a copyrighted story that appeared in the 8/11/11 edition of Wireless Week, Maisey Ramsay wrote about an AT&T/T-Mobile merger document that appeared on the FCC’s web site, and then disappeared few hours later.

According to Maisey’s story, the interesting AT&T document showed that if the Commission approves the proposed T-Mobile merger, AT&T will expand . . . → Read More: It’s the Money, Stupid!