Now Available: MCLE Law and Planning Lecture on Implementing AB 965

AB 965 is California’s “Broadband Permit Efficiency and Local Government Staff Solution Best Practices Act of 2023”.  It becomes the law of the land in California on January 1, 2024.

Designed, awkwardly, to promote broadband deployment by telecoms (but without any obligation to do so), AB 965 creates an entirely new permitting process.  That process will allow broadband providers (wireless, cable TV, fiber, other who qualify) to submit permit applications in consolidated batches of 25 to 50 at a time, on local governments. There is a deemed approved remedy if the local government doesn’t approve or deny the batch in a short period of time, usually 90 days.

This new law will primarily, but not exclusively, impact public works operations in cities, counties, and those few towns in California.

I’ve recorded a one-hour deep dive video program discussing the new law.  The video discusses and illustrate AB965’s impacts and opportunities for industry gaming.  It also provides practice and implementation pointers.

The training program is available FOR FREE to local government attorneys, public works officials, and government planners.   There is a fee for everyone else.  If you’re qualified for a free viewing, please email Jonathan on and he’ll qualify you and send you a free-pass viewing code (if you’re an attorney you’ll still get your MCLE credit).

The video program is available at our MCLE web site, http://CLE.TLF.LAW.  Go take a look!