Let’s Be Clear About Clearwire

I recently posted a message to a list serve run by the League of California Cities aimed at local government planners. That posting has provoked a number of comments, universally positive from local government planners and attorneys. I did receive what might be called a negative response from a wireless industry siting agent.

I’ll let . . . → Read More: Let’s Be Clear About Clearwire


New Gallery Photos

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of new photos to the camouflaged section of the cell site gallery. To view the photos, just click on the large photo at the top of the page, and then select the camouflage site gallery.



New Uploads in Photo Gallery

I’ve just added some new photos in the photo gallery. Some interesting camo sites, and some non-camo sites (one of which is a very silly parking lot light standard).

You can visit the gallery by clicking here.