“Siri, where is Steve Jobs now?”

Today I got my hands on a brand new iPhone 4S.

One of the staff members is an early adopter, and was showing her shiny new phone around the office.  When she handed me the phone and showed me how to access Siri, I thought about what my first question to Siri should be.

I thought…and I thought…and I thought, then I asked:

“Siri, where is Steve Jobs now?”

I waited she pondered my query.  It was as if I could feel here electrons and programming parsing my words and looking for the hidden meaning or message.

It took Siri about 25 seconds to consider and then compose her thoughtful, and thought-provoking reply.  No doubt the millennium of computing time was consumed by Siri searching through all of knowledge and wisdom of Appledom, the web, and then one to the cosmic beyond all to find her creator.

Her job complete, she ever so curtly replied in her clipped speech, “Steve Jobs is not in your address book.”  It was a clear and definitive statement that left no room for interpretation.  No room for doubts or double meanings.

If you ask Siri the same question but get a more definitive answer, please do share it.

I think I’ll ask the same question of the next Siri when I try out an iPhone 5 sometime in late 2012.  Who knows whether she’ll have evolved by then to divine a more complete answer.