T-Mobile’s Clever Way to Camo a Polish Cell Site

T_MoPolandN50_4.5578E19-44.0665_20110906_DSC_0208What better way for T-Mobile to promote its wireless service than to turn a cell site into a billboard advertisement for T-Mobile’s wireless service. It’s kind of a ‘two-fer.’

This billboard/cell site is located west of the Morawica area of Poland, just west of John Paul II International Airport (the Krakow, Poland Airport) on E462.

You can click on the photograph to enlarge it to full size.  I shot this photo during my trip to Central Europe in September, 2011.

Shameless promotion: I have thousands of high resolution photographs of wireless communications sites and components online at CellTowerPhotos.com. My wireless site photographs regularly grace magazine covers and illustrate articles. They also served to illustrate the National Geographic Magazine article on camouflaged cell tower sites, “Cell Phonies” (September 2007).

Photograph Copyright © 2011 Jonathan Kramer. All rights reserved.



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