CBS is now CBdisingenuouS

CBdisingenuouS is my new name for CBS. Okay, I’m really disappointed with CBS.  As part of the battle with Time Warner Cable,  CBdisingenuouS has elected to block web views of its programming by Time Warner internet subscribers.   If you subscribe to a different internet provider, you can get the CBS programming on line.

Time Warner was right when it quoted TechCrunch, which first reported the CBdisingenuouS blockage.

How do I know this is true?

Well, at my home I use Time Warner for internet service. At my office I have two different internet providers, neither of which are TWC.

At home, CBdisingenuouS programming on line is blocked.  At the office, CBdisingenuouS programming on line is available.

CBS, which had shed what now clearly appear to be crocodile tears over its fair share of our bloated TWC bills, has lowered itself to TWC’s level.  So much for the Tiffany Network.

By the way, we’re now 5 hours into day 3 without CBdisingenuouS.  Today, TWC was showing an old Eddie Murphy movie on the CBS channel here in L.A.  Oddly, it was in a 3:4 format  (no, note a 4:3 format…a 3:4 format).

Would someone please loosen the ropes that both of you have used on your subscribers/viewers?  Thanks to both of you.  Not.

“Scotty, I need more Pox!”



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