Rarer than the Loch Ness Monster: the Mono-Scaffold Wireless Tower!

The elusive and rarely photographed Mono-Scaffold.
The elusive and never-before photographed Mono-Scaffold wireless tower.  Click to enlarge.

It is rare that I have the privilege of capturing a never-before documented wireless tower design.  Yet fate has chosen to grace me by allowing me to find, in the wild, this most elusive of wireless tower designs…

…the Mono-Scaffold!

While hereto-now only hushed rumors of this rarest of tower designs have been uttered in the strictest of confidences between contract wireless engineers working for carriers, I am able to confirm with irrefutable evidence forthe international scientific and lay communities the first documented, photographed mono-scaffold site.

This mono-scaffold site, located in Malibu California on Pacific Coast Highway, forever quiets the popular speculation of the existence of this fabled design.  It is true.  It exists.

Having now proven the existence of a Mon0-Scaffold, I must now turn my attention to the most important follow-on query:

Is a Mono-Scaffold subject to Section 6409(a) of The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012?

A lessor question, but important in its own right:

Is a Mono-Scaffold is subject to EIA/TIA-222?

As is most often the case, one answer provokes several new questions.  The expansion of knowledge continues.

You are lucky to live in the time during which the existence of the fabled Mono-Scaffold was proven as a fact.

If you wish to field-verify my findings, I encourage you to navigate…quickly…to N34.0394 W118.6717.

I urge you to hurry.  There is no telling how long the Mono-Scaffold will remain in this one location.



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