Three Cell Tower Climbers, Firefigher Die in Two Tower Incidents

The last twenty-four hours have seen two tower incidents resulting in at least three tower climber deaths, the subsequent death of a local firefighter, and two additional serious injuries.

The first fatal incident occurred last night in Bluetown, Texas, where a solo tower climber fell from a tower standing more than 1,000 fee tall.  The unidentified man died from head trauma.

The climber was found by local deputies at about 6 p.m.  local time last night.  He was found some 30 feet away from the tower. This suggests the climber fell from a great height.


The second fatal incident was a tower failure today in Clarksburg, West Virginia.  That failure took the lives of two tower workers.  Later, during the rescue, a local firefighter was injured during a secondary tower collapse.  That firefighter later died of his injuries.

Two tower workers on the ground in the Clarksburg tower failure were also injured.





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