Smart People at Smartlink

Yesterday, June 24, Tripp May, Michael Johnston, and I lectured to about 60 team members of Smartlink, a major site acquisition firm.  Smartly, Smartlink conducts ongoing training of its professional staff via its ‘Smartlink University’ program.  Even smarter, we were asked by Smartlink to provide guidance to their staff in multiple locations around the country on how they can better accomplish their jobs working with local government officials, and cell site landlords.

The official title of our lecture was, “Time-Tested Ways to Muck Up the Leasing and Zoning Process.”  We covered the topic in about 2 hours, and really enjoyed our interactions with Smartlink staff who peppered us with questions.

Huh?  Those guys were telling the industry how to better do their jobs?  Who do they work for!?

Actually, for years we’ve made it a point as a firm to teach the industry how to do better.  Why? Because when they do their job better, better projects for the public are the result.  About once or twice a year we accept an invitation to lecture like this.

Huh? You’re taking money from the industry?

Nope.  We do not charge for the lectures, and when they are in far away cities we pay our own way to go.  This is about education, not profit.

Thanks, again, to Smartlink for inviting us (actually, Alexis Hadley gets major credit for having the courage to reach out to me to see whether we’d lecture to the ‘other’ side).

Smart, Smartlink.  Smart!



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