California Assembly Bill 2788 is DEAD

I’m very pleased to report that Assembly Bill 2788 (AB2788) is DEAD.

Assembly Member Mike Gatto pulled AB 2788 this afternoon.  When I say it’s dead, it is NOT being converted to a 2-year bill. It’s simply dead.

Many, many community activists, mayors, council-members, supervisors, and local government staff all have worked to kill the misguided ‘wireless tower in front of every home’ bill.

Now we need to start preparing for next year when the wireless industry picks another member of the legislature to do its bidding.

Today is a great day.



2 thoughts on “California Assembly Bill 2788 is DEAD

  1. R Quan says:

    The death of AB 2788 would never have happened had it not been for this web site and Jonathan Kramer’s vigilance. We sang your praises tonight at the Calabasas Communications & Technology hearing. We have made many others aware of during this brief but intense fight. Public outcry helped kill the bill. There needs to be an investigation on the bait and switch nature of AB 2788.

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