Российская 5Г Радио испу́г

Roughly (and badly) translated, the title of this point means Russia 5G Wireless Fear.

Reports published in some segments of the US mainstream media over the past few days suggest that Russia is behind at least some of the fearmongering on the Internet related to 5G deployment and claims of negative health impacts.

If you conduct a Google search on the terms ‘Russia 5G’ you find references to RT.com television coverage aimed at U.S. citizens claiming that 5G will cause health problems, while all the while it appears that 5G deployment in Russia is a Kremlin priority.

Once this Russia story really hits Fox and Friends, it will drive the president crazy.  He’ll want to figure out a way to impose 25% tariffs on Russian imports of Chinese 5G equipment.  That’ll slow things down a bit.  Yup.

Oh…wait, President Trump just signed an Executive Order effectively banning the importation of Chinese wireless equipment, such as from Huawei.

I ponder all of this.


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