Dr Kramer to speak at AGL Summit in Seattle on 1/30/20

Dr. Jonathan Kramer will be the sole local government panelist at the “Muni Ordinances, Small Cell Designs and the Complexities of Density” panel this week at AGL’s Summit in Seattle.  Four industry reps against Jonathan…seems evenly balanced 😉

The day-long event will take place on Thursday, January 30, 2020.

The full introduction to Jonathan’s panel topic is:

“Wireless siting has long been a controversial topic.  With small cells, the wireless industry and municipalities have seen even more conflict.  Learn about the FCC’s rule changes, municipalities’ concerns about small cells, the public’s fear of 5G RF, and the industry’s’ response with aesthetically pleasing small cells.”    

Here’s a link to the information and registration page:

The AGL Summits are always interesting, and I recommend interested parties attend. I enjoy attending and speaking as a perceived enemy of deployment under this theory:

See you in Seattle (actually, Newcastle, Washington)…



By Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer

I'm a broadband and radio frequency engineer who, after spending years as a technology advisor to hundreds of governments and firms around the country, went to law school and became an attorney. Not surprisingly, my area of law is telecommunications.

I have a Juris Doctor degree, a Masters of Law degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law, and a Doctorate in Law and Policy.

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