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California SB 649: The “Wireless Industry Don’t Care About Small Cell Aesthetics” Legislation

The current version of SB 649, California’s ‘small cell’ Bill is still riddled with loopholes and contradictory language.  Guess whether the public or the wireless industry benefits from Sen. Hueso’s Billion-Dollar gift of public property and funds to the shareholders of the various wireless companies? Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Okay, well that didn’t take you too long to figure out.

Here’s a photo sim of a wireless “small cell” project that local governments (here, Calabasas) would be required to approve, by right, under SB 649:

Sadly, our legislators don’t seem to have any realistic handle on just how horrible SB 649 will be for community aesthetics.


Mobilitie Upping its Design of Neighborhood Small Cells

I’m pleased (and frankly a bit surprised) to say that Mobilitie has come up with a small cell light-standard design that is much closer to reality, and likely within the range of a design that many jurisdictions will be willing to consider and approve.

Once I have designated deemed-complete design, I’ll share it with you, but for now know that we may have seen the last of the infamous Mobility Pox-on-a-pole design, or the Speer Gun design, or the Thoughtless-wiring design.

This doesn’t mean that the 70′ and 120′ tall “small cells” are dead and gone, sadly, but the local distribution site clearly are getting more real.


(Hi Gary)


First the IRS was after me…now it’s the FBI!

I must be a really bad person (well, perhaps to some wireless infrastructure companies…ahem).

First, the IRS was after me, now it’s the FBI.

Oh my…oh my…oh my!

Oddly, when I called back and told the “agent” I was recording the call all I heard was <click>!  How rude of them to hang up on me when they’re trying to arrest me.  NOT FAIR!


A Bad Day In the Making For Mobilitie

I’m fairly sure that today will not be good for fine folks at Mobilitie in Newport Beach.

I’ve had a chance to preview various local government filings in the FCC wireless/wireline broadband proceedings. Those reply comments will be uploaded later today to the FCC’s ECFS.  Mobilitie will likely raise as a ‘star’ in a number of the local government filings…not because Mobilitie is a shining example of how to do small cells properly, but rather just the opposite.  Who knows…maybe Mobilitie’s alleged involvement with Sprint’s alleged scheme to build sites without benefit of local government permits will make it into some of the comments. You never know.

What I’m looking forward to is reading how the mainstream small cell industry treats Mobilitie in their own reply comments.  I suspect that the treatment will be to distinguish Mobilitie from small cell providers of truly small cells.  It’s hard to look at a Mobilitie 120′ tall … or 70′ tall …or 35′ tall … or even their pox-on-a-pole (or Walrus) design proposal and think they are truly small compared to, for example, T-Mobile’s Ericsson strand-mounted deployment shown below (this one being located in the City of Torrance, California).

Yup.  I think the folks in Newport Beach will be none-too-pleased about how they and their deployment actions will be characterized in some of the government reply comments to be filed later today.  Maybe Mobilitie is simply misunderstood.  Then again, maybe not.

That’s my opinion.


PS: Of course, with Sprint looking to hook-up with the cable industry, the Mobilitie-created problem to mainstream small cell siting may be short-lived. That’s also my opinion.  jlk


CA SB 649 Passes Out of Assembly Local Gov Committee 6 aye, 1 nay, 2 not voting

Today SB 649 as most recently amended by the author passed out of the California Assembly Local Government Committee on a 6-1-2 vote.  If you’d like to listen to nearly 3 hours of hearings on the bill you can click below. Note that there is a few-minute-break about 30ish minutes in to the recording due to a technical glitch at the California Channel.

The next Assembly hearing is on July 12, 2017.




Published reports late today have Sprint putting aside its merger talks with T-Mobile to focus on a potentially MUCH MORE IMPORTANT deal–one with Charter and Comcast (or is it Comcast and Charter). I’ve predicted a deal like this for years.

Why is a Sprint-MSOs deal more important than a deal with T-Mobile?

As I’ve said . . . → Read More: SprintCasTrum?

California SB 649: Newer Big Lies About Small Cells

When SB 649 was voted out of the California Senate on May 31, only a 3 or 4 Senators knew the contents of the Bill at that time, yet it secured passage on a 31 to 1 vote.

A couple of days ago, the drastically amended SB 649 was released back into public view in . . . → Read More: California SB 649: Newer Big Lies About Small Cells

SB649, the “Theft of the People’s Property by the Wireless Industry” Act, Passes CA Senate

Just before 9pm tonight, the California Senate passed Senate Bill 649. The Bill now moves on to the California Assembly. The vote was 31 aye and 1 nay (Sen. Glazer was the only one voting against the Bill).

If you’d like to listen in on a tad over 13 minutes of misrepresentations and double speak, . . . → Read More: SB649, the “Theft of the People’s Property by the Wireless Industry” Act, Passes CA Senate

Where there’s smoke (at Sprint and Mobilitie)…

After reading Lydia Beyoud’s Sprint/Mobilitie article while returning from a lecture Tripp and I presented in Cleveland, something occurred to me: the common connection between smoke and fire.

Presuming the existence of the email at the source of Lydia’s article, it documents the end of an experiment to bypass some government permitting requirements to . . . → Read More: Where there’s smoke (at Sprint and Mobilitie)…

Did Sprint and Mobilitie Conspire to Bypass Zoning Laws?

Lydia Beyoud of posted an article this afternoon that alleges that Sprint and Mobilitie planned and tested a program to bypass some local zoning requirements, 1) to essentially put up some cell sites without first obtaining all required government permits, and 2) without requiring some other site prerequisites such as power and backhaul solutions.

. . . → Read More: Did Sprint and Mobilitie Conspire to Bypass Zoning Laws?

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