AB2788 Webinar for Local Governments June 27 at 10:00

Tripp May and I are hosting an hour-long webinar dissecting the layers and ramifications of AB2788.  The webinar, which we are hosting at no charge to participants, will include strategies and talking points of ways local governments can rally to work together against this massive land grab by the wireless industry.

Burbank and Glendale, this bill is being perpetrated on your residents (and every resident in California) by your Assembly Member, Mike Gatto.

This webinar, set for Monday June 27 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, is only open to local government officials and their legal counsel (in house and outside).  If you’d like to register, please visit http://TinyURL.com/ab2788 and fill out the registration form.



One thought on “AB2788 Webinar for Local Governments June 27 at 10:00

  1. Martha Aja says:

    Hello –

    I attempted to sign up for the webinar scheduled for today (6/27/16) at 10:00 am (AB 2788 Webinar for Local Governments) and I was unable to do so. When I went to sign up, I got a message that the webinar was not available. Please advise if the webinar was cancelled. Thank you, Martha

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